Friday, 5 August 2011

'Card not Initialised' on Fuji S2 Camera!

I received a nice shiny new 4GB Kingston CompactFlash card today only to discover it didn't work on the Fuji.

The reason: They are 32 bit format and Fuji S2's only accept 16 bit format cards of less than 2GB in size.

The Solution:

Three things to be aware of with this solution:
  • Any existing data on the card could get wiped off.
  • You will lose (for now) 2GB of your card (It's hidden as a second partition.)
  • I'm assuming you're using Windows on your PC.
The fix:
  •  Download free from the internet (Google to find it) the following Open-Source (Free) Partition software and install it: 'MiniTool Partition Wizard Home'
  • Stick the card into a USB Card-reader attached to your PC
  • Open the software above
  • Select your card from the drives shown
  • Click on 'Format Partition' (on the left menu)
  • Under the 'File System' menu select 'Fat16' then click OK
  • Click 'Apply' (top left)
  • Now select 'Move/Resize Partition' (on the left menu)
  • Under 'Partition Size' type in '2000'
  • Click 'OK'
  • Click 'Apply' (top left)
  • Close the software
  • Take the card out and put it back in your camera
  • Voila! It should now work.
Job done.

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