Thursday, 30 June 2011

Today's Protests in London

I was in the capital today photographing Corporate Portraits for a client in their Head-Office and couldn't resist popping out to snap the protesters as they marched past Bush House in Aldwych. (Where I was working.) Embarrassingly I was in the middle of shooting when my knee 'gave way' (I've been for x-rays and await the results as to why this keeps happening?) A policeman ran over thinking I was paparazzi that had got into a scuffle or something and I had to explain that I had a bad knee! He laughed it off and said he had two so I should count myself lucky ... nice guy! Anyway I'm currently sat on the train home to Manchester looking through and retouching images with a beer on my tiny fold-out tray and thought I'd stick them on my blog for anyone who is interested in this to see ... it's about time I started 'blogging' ... the people in the office were awesome too!

Hope you the photos?

Me x

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