Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Loving Photographing people ...

The way my photography panned out in the past - I ended up with lots of 'Still-life' and 'Product' clients ... no idea why, just the way it seemed! This time I seem to be getting more people orientated work and I'm loving it! Photographed 6 corporate portraits, 7 standard 'head-shots' and 38 kids so far this week for different clients and making the person relaxed enough to feel comfortable (especially the kids!) in front of the lens and to capture that calmness is extremely satisfying and fun. I hope to get more clients that want their corporate portrait, kids, pets ... whatever!? captured by me - as I'm really enjoying this side of my photography!

Thinking it's time I started doing model test shoots too. I've done plenty of model and fashion shoots for clients but never actually bothered with the test shoots as my old business partner was so good at them. But I have so many ideas now - it's time I did this. If you're a model or actor/actress who requires some folio shots for a good price ... let me know. I can arrange make-up stylists etc. at very cheap rates too if you want me too?

Bye for now.

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